Nenshou Hoshi

June 27, 2010, 1:15 pm
Filed under: Action, Anime, Romance, Slice of Life, Super Natural

From the creators of Baccano! This series used the same style of storytelling and art style. At first you really won’t have any idea what is happening in the series until they were putted together in an orderly way.

Ryugamine Mikado a high-school boy who made an online group named Dollars. Kida Masaomi the childhood friend of Ryugamine that has an inescapable past. Sonohara Anri a timid and quiet high-school girl classmate of Ryugamine and Kida.  Celty Sturluson a female Dullahan with modern appearance often called as the “Headless Rider” by the people rides on a bike that emits a sound of a horse. Shinra Kishitani a doctor who’s in-love to Celty. Shizuo Heiwajima a guy who wears a bartender suit but works as a bodyguard who possess super human strength he hates violence but when angered he will destroy the one who causes it. Izaya Orihaya an information seller who always puts Shizuo in constant problems. Simon Brezhnev a pacifist who works on a Russian Sushi shop the only one who can par with Shizuo in terms of strength.

Seiji Yagiri whos madly in-love to Celty’s missing head. Namie Yagiri sister of Seiji whos madly in-love to his brother. Mika Harima stalker of Seiji and she has a scar on her neck that looks like she was beheaded before. Tom Tanaka a debt collector the employer of Shizuo. Kyohei Kadota has his own gang and a member of Dollars often called as Dotachin by Izaya and Erika. Saburo Togusa a friend of Kyohei he gets mad if his van was scratched. Erika Karisawa a passionate otaku and manga reader also uses Dotachin to call Kyohei. Walker Yumasaki oftenly with Erika because they have the same interests and he likes torturing. Saki Mikajima girlfriend of Kida an acquaintance of Izaya. Shingen Kishitani father of Shinra he wears a gas mask and keeps on saying the phrase “The air in Tokyo is filthy”.

Put them all in Tokyo’s downtown district of Ikebukuro the fun starts.

The selling point of the anime is their characters all of the major characters and the minor ones are lovable and unforgettable they have different auras also on how they narrate each characters background. Character art is very simple even though some parts of the characters doesn’t have shadows the background CG or what they call the environment helps the characters elevate and covers up the lacking elements such as shadows. The incidental characters like the crowds were in plain black stroke and semi gray color was also covered by the background CG.

The soundtrack was good it perfectly fits every scenes. The opening and ending songs also matched the story and characters. Even though the ending was quite disappointing in my side the show is worth watching.


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