Nenshou Hoshi

Angel Beats!
June 28, 2010, 8:53 am
Filed under: Action, Anime, Comedy, Gun Fights, Romance, Slice of Life, Tragedy

One of the best show this spring season for me. This is the second tear jerking show that put me in a “manly tears” state once again the first was Clannad After Story.

A boy named Otonashi Yuzuru woke up in a middle of a battle operation where in a girl named Yurippe is beside him holding a rifle aimed to a girl named as Tenshi (Angel in english). Yurippe also called as Yuri is the leader of Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront in english) a group who rebels against God. Yuri told Otonashi that all the people in this world were all dead to begin with, not believing on what Yuri said he just stepped out and asked the Tenshi if he was really dead suddenly the Tenshi stabbed his heart without any hesitation. After a couple of hours he woke up in a school clinic beside him he saw his shirt stained with blood. Thus he joined Yuri’s group to rebel against God.

The characters are all well made from appearance and personalities they emit different presence in the show. The narration of each characters past were done nicely but there are flaws like the part wasn’t solved; like their comrade who turned into an NPC and turned back into a soul with consciousness. I won’t tell more it may serve as a spoiler in my opinion. Only selected characters pasts were revealed. I want the Tenshi’s past to be revealed but they didn’t show it and I am disappointed with it. I was expecting that all of the main casts pasts were told but they didn’t reveal it specially this dude named TK a very cool main cast who speaks in mixed english and japanese his arc wasn’t told in the series. What they just did is they just plucked out the others like they were nothing.

The fast camera angle change and animation was superb from the fight scenes and the band performance scenes because they 3D’ed the performers instead of making it in 2D. 2D when the camera is a close up shot or mid shot and 3D when its a wide shot or long shot. About the opening song it was very catchy perfectly fitted in the show. If you pay attention to the opening song it was a part of a certain character’s arc you will notice it if you watched the final episode. 13 episodes are not enough in my opinion if there will be a second season like an after story I’ll definitely watch it.


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What about the plotholes? or the fact, that every problem was solved within a mere episode? The Anime was not bad and sure, it was entertaining, but the best show in spring seaon? I think not.

Comment by Karl

well we have different criteria in judging for me it was 🙂

Comment by Nenshou Hoshi

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