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My Summer 2010 Lineup
July 4, 2010, 4:26 am
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This is the list of summer 2010 anime series I will watch and will give my first impressions after viewing the first episode.

Ookamisan to Schichinin no Nakamatachi

Watched the first episode and I’m definitely going to watch this one. Character designs are similar to Tora Dora and To Aru Majutsu no Index/To Aru Majutsu no Railgun and packed with more action. The narration has its own style and I liked it.

Amagami SS

Based on a Japanese dating simulation game for PS2. Well I’m not into the anime(s) that has been adapted from a dating simulation game. I watched the first episode the character designs reminds me of Tony Taka’s style of drawing. Going to follow this one to have a changed of pace.

Shukufuku no Campanella

Just recently viewed the first episode about an hour ago typical harem anime I don’t know if it is based on a Japanese game or something since in my point of view they look like different classes from a common role playing game. Not yet sure if I will follow this one via download or stream.

Sekirei Pure Engagement

I did watched the first season and I’m left with a huge cliff hanger ending. I did enjoy watching the first season but not because of the ecchi theme lmao even though it belonged to that genre it has a story that is interesting.

Highschool of the Dead

I haven’t watched the first episode because the first one will be aired on monday and currently its sunday here in my area. This anime was originally a manga but for some reasons the manga was stalled. Your typical zombie mashing and killing show with a mix of ecchi oh wells anime with ecchi touch is common nowadays some people cannot live without it. Definitely gonna watch this one since the manga was stalled.

Strike Witches Season 2

I did watched the first season and I must say this anime is catered for panty shots addict viewer its like every episode you will see a minimum of 10 panty shots from loli’s, of course I’m exaggerating the number of shots since I’m not really counting it and why would I? lol. Sadly the second season won’t be animated by GONZO due to lack of funds as I heard before. The first season has a resolved ending in my view so I’m wondering what will be the arc of this one. Not yet sure if I will follow this one via download or stream.

Sengoku Basara Season 2

Well I’m a fan of samurai shows since I was a kid. This anime is based on a fighting game in PS2. Really loved the first season because of the awesomeness of Date Masamune with his famous line: “Are you ready guys? Put ya guns on!” The animation was superb well its Production IG this studio never fails me. I feel bad that there’s no fansub group that actually completed subbing the season 1 they all drop in the middle or started in the middle. I hope that they won’t do that again in the second season. I will also definitely follow this one via download.

Asobi ni Iku Yo

The first episode will be aired on the 11th of July so I cannot give my first impression. From the looks of it, its like a sudden girlfriend appearance themed anime with a mix of ecchi. Gonna update this part after I saw the first episode.

For the that OVA’s that I will watch here’s the list.

Kurenai OVA

I liked the tv series and the manga very much that I want a second season badly for it for the tv series. I will definitely watch this one.

Black Lagoon Roberta’s Blood Trail

Viewed the first OVA last night and I would say that this show never fails me in terms of gun fight scenes. The story continues in the arc of Lovelace family where in Roberta the god damn maid with imbalance fighting skills taking revenge because of the death of his master. I liked the remixed version of Mell’s Red Faction.

Black Rock★Shooter

Little is known about Black★Rock Shooter, other than she is much like a black clad Miku Hatsune and is most distinguishable by a giant rocket launcher attached to her left arm, and a blue flame that erupts from her left eye. I will watch this one for sure I saw the PV and by the looks it has a potential to be a good show.

Aki Sora Yume no Naka

I have a copy of the first OVA of this show but I didn’t watched it at all I just skimmed to it. This show crossed the borderline between hentai and anime because of the scenes I have watched oh wells. I got a question can you call it Incest if you are having sex with your sister but your not related by blood? Kinda weird right? Will watch but in skimming form.


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